Rotating Your Tyres for Longer Lifespan

TyresSo, you have just bought brand new tyres. While it is true that brand new tyres need replacement after some time, with proper tyre maintenance, you can make the most out of their service. Proper tyre maintenance does not only promise durability; it also promises improved performance, making your driving safer and hassle-free.

Here are some tyre maintenance tips you should always remember:

Get The Proper Size and Pressure

An oversized or undersized tyre may wear out your auto parts easily, which may translate to heft repair costs or injurious road incidents. A tyre with a wrong air pressure, on the other hand, may cause a blowout, warns Osborne Park-based tyre distributor

Before driving, check if you have the proper tyre size and pressure by referring to the car specs, which you can find on your driver’s side door, door jam, or user manual.

Rotate Tyres Regularly

Rotate tyres regularly every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. This way, you can be sure that all four tyres are wearing out the same. But if your tyres are not wearing uniformly as they should, you should always pair tyres with greater traction on the rear axle.

Put Your Best Tyres At The Back!

Suppose all your four tyres didn’t wear out evenly, and you have to either buy two brand new tyres, or pair one brand new tyre to the other with greater traction. Remember not to pair them on the front axle. Instead, have your best tyres mounted on the back, even if your car is a front-wheel drive. Why?

When manoeuvring a curve or driving in wet roads at higher speed, your steering wheel would make you to feel if your front wheel tyres with less traction are losing their grip. This would allow you to do the necessary actions to prevent the car from spinning. If you put newer tyres at the front axle, you won’t be able to feel if your rear tyres with less traction are losing their grip. This could put you at risk of a fatal road accident.

By keeping in mind these tips, you are not just improving the service life of your tyres; you are also making sure that you are safe while behind the wheels.