Troubleshooting 4 Common Car Aircon Problems

Car MaintenanceUnless your car is a convertible and you would rather take a cruise with your top down, maintaining your car’s air conditioning system is a must. However, there will always be instances when it does show some signs of trouble. At any rate, even if you are not a mechanic, you should be able to identify the problem and initiate some quick fixes.

While the components may be cramped in the maze of machine parts, coils, and tubes under the hood, the car aircon nonetheless is comprised of the same basic components. Troubleshooting car aircon problems starts with your knowledge of aircon systems. Knowing the symptom will enable you to take the appropriate measures.

Not Cold Enough

After turning the aircon settings to the maximum you notice that you are still perspiring. If your aircon is not as cold as it used to be, you better check the cooling fans of both your car’s condenser and radiator. You may also want to check the air filter in your cabin to make sure it is not clogged. You may also need to check on the compressor, the blower motor, or even the fuse or control module.

It Starts Cold but gets Warmer as Time Passes

The first time you use the aircon is cold. Yet as minutes pass it spews hot gusts of air. This could be a problem with the expansion valve, a blown fuse, a problematic compressor clutch, or even leaks anywhere in the aircon system.

It a Hair Blower

If the first two symptoms get really worse, you will be getting a hair blower instead of a car aircon. This is often a problem associated with the condenser unit of your air conditioning system. You may want to check the Freon levels first before ruling any problems with the condenser. You may want to bring it to a reputable auto shop, such as LRC Automotive, for a Freon refill.

Smelly Odor from the Vents

Sometimes your aircon is working perfectly fine except for that odd gym locker smell coming out from your aircon vents. This is often a symptom of mold build-up in the evaporator case. In some cases, the air filter of the car cabin is already very dirty and old.

Managing these trouble spots will often require extensive cleaning of blocked tubes and vents as well as replacement of worn out parts. If Freon is the problem then it may need refilling. The trick is for you to identify first what is causing the problem before you can initiate any quick fix-its.