3 Cars to Buy when You Have Low Credit Scores

Cars in ArkansasA car is not the luxury it used to be back in the old days when only the elite families and businesses could afford one. It is a necessity that makes life a little easier. Going to school or to work, transporting stuff or just getting around whenever you need to, and for emergencies; this sums up what vehicles are for in a man’s everyday life.

When you don’t have impressive credit, however, getting a car from a dealer isn’t exactly easy. But when you are employed or have a business, an Arkansas bad credit car loan may be available to you. Seeing as how you need to rebuild your credit, it’s best to avoid trying to get luxury or gas-guzzling models. You have to be able to afford the car for as long as you have it. Here are three models you should look at.

2015 Honda Accord

The more powerful yet more fuel-efficient powertrain of the 2015 Accord will get you from point A to B without incident. The Honda Accord has been a mainstay on American roads because of its reliability and value for money. It’s not an impressive looker, but the design is more than you can hope for in some more expensive models. For students and workers alike, the Accord is a great choice. Brand new or used, you know an Accord will give you value and reliability.

2015 Honda Civic

If you don’t mind going a bit smaller than the Accord, the Civic is a top choice. This highly resilient model from the Japanese automotive brand is more than enough transportation for getting to school or work and more.

2015 Toyota Corolla

A step away from the “boring” designs that Toyota came up with in the past few years, 2015 Corolla looks a lot better and drives with much more confidence. At less than $20,000 brand new, the Corolla also lists cost to own at only about $26,000 over five years (15,000 miles a year) in some shops.