Make Road Collision Insurance Claims Bearable for No-Fault Drivers

Car Collision in PerthGetting involved in a road collision is never a pleasant experience. Even if you don’t incur any physical injury due to the accident, the hassles a car crash brings can turn your life upside down.

While it’s frustrating to be in this situation when you’re not the party at fault, at least you don’t have to be responsible for all the costs related to the accident. When you have insurance in Australia and the at-fault driver is still alive and reachable, you shouldn’t have to claim on your own policy and deal with its consequences later on.

To make this experience less painful on your part, do the following:

Let Your Panel Beater Take Care of It for You

You don’t have to deal with the other driver’s insurer. This is one of the customary services smash repairers do. says most panel beaters in Perth, Melbourne and other capital cities are used to speaking with insurance companies simply because they deal with them every day. Having someone experienced to talk to the insurer on your behalf may give you leverage in securing the claim you require.

Ask for a Claim for Car Rental Costs

Aside from the repair costs, the insurer of the driver that hit you possibly owes you a car rental. Even if many insurance companies in Australia are reluctant to provide this option, court cases in the past have declared that no-fault drivers are entitled to this. Losing your vehicle temporarily is a consequential loss due to the accident, so it’s only fair you get a short-term replacement for free.

Pay Your Excess

If the driver at fault is hard to reach, making filing a claim against his or her insurer impossible, paying your own excess can help prevent delays and get your vehicle repaired immediately. You may ask for a refund after your insurance provider secures the payment from the party at fault.

No matter how severe the damage of your vehicle is, you don’t have to suffer from its inconveniences. Work closely with your panel beater and get everything settled ASAP.