Uses of Precision Swiss Machining in Different Industries

Swiss Machining Not every average Joe understands what CNC machining is for. The applications for this are various, and now they are growing in number even more.

If you are new to the world of precision Swiss machining, here’s an idea of what it’s usually used for these days.


Military rifles need extreme precision in the manufacture of firing pins and dust cover pins. Such is the precision needed for making these components that their tolerance band is 0.0005 inch in diameter. Without precision machining technology, it would be nearly impossible to make these components.

Medical Devices

Some of the biggest users of precision machining are involved in the manufacture of medical devices and their many components. Medical Grade Materials may require micro precision components, and only this kind of machining can be used to make them. Tolerances are +/-0.0001 inch, and machine diameters start from 0.008 inch to 1.25 inches. From the simplest to the most highly complex geometries in the medical industry, precision machining is the only option.

In some industries, the need for such precision necessitates the purchase of their own machines. Setups do cost money, but they pay for themselves in the long term. With the extent of production in these industries, companies save millions over a long time if they have their own machines for the manufacture of the components that demand precision machining.

If your company needs to manufacture machine components or tools that require precision, think about buying or leasing a machine of your own. You may also contact a company that offers such services and sign a contract with them. The major advantage of this setup is you do not need to train your own employees to use the machines. With such machines, you need a separate employee or team of employees specifically trained to work them.