Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old Furnace

Fixing Old Furnace in IndianaTo repair or just order a new furnace for your home? This is a question many homeowners in Indiana and all over the country keep asking themselves. Sometimes, the best approach is repair, especially if the damage is only minor. However, an expert from Legacy Heating & Air said that when you have a furnace that already possesses these qualities or characteristics, you should spend money to order a new furnace for your Indiana home.

A decade and a half have passed

Do you remember when you had the existing furnace installed? When you purchased it a decade and a half ago (or even more), you're better off with a new unit. Although most furnaces have an average lifetime of about 18 years, The United States Department of Energy’s EnergyStar recommends getting a new one after 15 years.

Repairs, repairs, repairs

When your furnace keeps breaking down and you have to call a repairman frequently, your heating unit continues to cost you money. As furnaces age, they break down more frequently, especially when nearing the end of their lifespan.

Shockingly high heating bills

An old furnace has lost much of its energy efficiency as its internal parts get worn out. This then results in you having to make your furnace run longer to reach the optimum level of heat, which ultimately leads to higher heating costs.

Unequal distribution of heat

Another telling sign you should already bid your old furnace goodbye is when it unequally distributes heat. In other words, some of your rooms do not receive adequate heat, while some get too much.

Although buying a new heating system will cost you more money initially than having it repaired, you'll be saving more in the long run.