LED Lighting: Lighting the Way to a Memorable Event

LED LightLEDs or light emitting diodes are far more efficient than traditional lights such as halogen or tungsten. Basically, they require less electricity to generate the same brightness level. They likewise last infinitely longer, produce less heat and are more economical to replace and manufacture. No wonder they are all the rage in event lighting.

Colour Options

You could electronically and easily control colour combinations to generate different colours by using RGBW LED chips, which is a blend of red, white, blue and green LEDs. Prior to this advancement in lighting technology, you would have had to place coloured gels in front of your light source. In addition, if you wished to use different colours throughout your event, you would have had to set up different fixtures with their own coloured gel, but you still would not have the flexibility of changing positions or colours. Thanks to LEDs, you can use any colour you desire.

Heads Up

An intelligent or moving head make use of controllable motors on the lens and lamps, enabling you to move your lights around. You could preset every movement and instantly operate it with a press of the preset button. LED fixtures can craft remarkable lighting schemes by using a small fraction of the resources you would need to make something similar only 20 years ago.


When combined with LEDs as well as other new lighting technologies, moving lights have modernised and revived one of the most practical and beloved lighting methods — gobos. Traditionally, goboservice.com says that gobos were made of metal with cut designs that you position in front of a light source.

As lighting technology advanced, glass gobos were introduced that can incorporate more detailed images and colours. Nowadays, a moving LED fixture is used with a gobo projector (sometimes even multiple gobos in a single moving head) for more textured and interesting effects.

Whether you are a fan of LED or not, you cannot discount the fact that they rule the lighting game these days due to the many options they offer. Keep in mind that your lighting design should be on point and consider hiring a lighting specialist to optimise your budget.