Wedding Lighting: Ideas for Every Wedding Style

Wedding StylesLighting is an important aspect for any type of event, and your wedding is no exception. Altering the intensity and colour of lighting in your venue is among the easiest and quickest ways to establish the mood and ambience throughout the entire event. That said, weddings come in different styles and each one will require different lighting. Find lighting ideas for your wedding style below:

Mr. and Mrs. Classic

The majority of classic wedding venues already have existing, stunning fixtures like wall sconces and crystal chandeliers. If you still want some added glamour, candelabras on tables are great as decorations and serve as soft lighting. If you like things a bit modern, consider pillar candles in glass hurricanes, your monogrammed initials projected on the dance floor with a LED gobo projector, or spotlights or pin lights for highlighting specific design elements in the room.

Mr. and Mrs. Edgy, Modern, or Eclectic

Getting married in a museum, converted warehouse, or an unfinished loft space? Opt for colour wash lighting in different colours. suggests that you may use tables lit from within using a LED gobo projector for displaying tiny stars and different patterns. If you want a night to remember, consider incorporating a LED lights show.

Mr. and Mrs. Romantic

Illuminate a castle or picturesque cabin away from the city with twinkling lights. Drape them to serve as a starry night backdrop or canopy or vertically hang them as a backdrop for your ceremony. If the venue is outdoors, go for suspended lanterns on trees or for lighting pathways. Consider intricate chandeliers one some areas and some pink colour wash for that rosy, romantic glow. Don’t forget the candles.

Mr. and Mrs. Bohemian Chic

Go for market lights. These bulbs are bigger than twinkle lights and will instantly add a boho-chic feel to your venue. Opt for luminaries for lighting pathways. You could likewise consider different chandelier treatments, like clustered Edison bulbs or mason jars. The key is to mix and match different lighting styles, without losing that whole relaxed, bohemian chic vibe. Of course, candles are a must.

Now that you have some ideas on how you can pull off the perfect lighting for your wedding, remember to have fun and don’t be afraid of experimenting with different lighting options. These are merely suggestions so get your creative juices flowing and get to it.