3 Common AC Problems and Their Solutions

Air Conditioner MaintenanceTaking care of your air conditioning should be a year-long duty because you don’t want to be stuck with a broken one, especially when the weather suddenly becomes warm. Regular cleaning, proper maintenance, and parts replacement may be important so you can prevent bigger problems from occurring. 

Legacyheatingandairinc.com and other HVAC experts list some of the most common problems you may encounter and what you can do to solve them:

Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant or Freon is responsible for producing the cool air that AC systems give off. When the refrigerant level reduces, the most probable cause is the AC unit may have a leak. This is when you need to recharge on refrigerant to help your air conditioner to produce cool air again.

Frozen Coil

If the air conditioner coil suddenly freezes, there might be an issue with the airflow. The air filthy may already be dirty or the ductwork has obstructions, causing a restriction in airflow. Moreover, this could also be a result of a low refrigerant level. Call your trusted expert in air conditioning repair to fix this problem before it worsens.

Broken Outside Fan

The outside fan of an AC unit carries the heat from inside your home to the outside. If the outside fan doesn’t work anymore, the heat inside your home won’t properly transfer and the AC compressor may experience overheating. This will then trip its safety overload and may even cause damage to the AC compressor. This calls for the replacement of the outside fan before your AC completely shuts down.

These are only three of the most common problems people face with their air conditioning system. Make sure to solve these as fast as possible to avoid even more complicated and costly repairs and prevent your air conditioner from completely failing to work.