Study Shows More Than 100 Kinds of Bugs Living at Your Home

Bugs Living at Your HomeA new study in Biology Letters showed that an average home in the U.S. has over 100 different species of bugs, The Los Angeles Times reported. An even more surprising theory from the study suggested that there are more kinds of bugs living in houses in wealthier communities.

Most of these critters, however, do not present serious or grave threats to the health and safety of people. Unlike common household pests such as rats and termites, these benign types of bugs are not necessarily considered pests, according to the study.

Still, keeping your home pest-free requires more than knowing the sheer volume of bugs living with you. Termite control service, for example, would usually require the expertise of professionals. A big improvement in today’s business of pest control involves the use of eco-friendly pesticides. In some cases, certain companies do not even use any pesticides at all.


Rich people’s homes tend to host a larger amount of bugs partly because of their surroundings. Most lavish homes come with a spacious garden, so that plays a role in sustaining life for these small creatures.

The Biology Letters study affirms what previous research has shown that "more extensive gardens often attract different kinds of species." That’s not to say gardens serve as the ultimate reason for having pests outside your home, as the cleanliness of a home’s outside environment should always be a consideration.

Life from the Gutter

When some people think of keeping their homes free from pests, they would usually target the interior parts that pests commonly invade. But did you know that cleaning your gutter regularly is just as important as maintaining neat cupboards?

Experts advise that high-quality covers and screens are important for keeping your gutters clean and pest-free. These also work best for people who are sometimes feeling lazy to climb up a ladder to do gutter-cleaning chores, as quality equipment minimizes the need for frequent maintenance.