A Weekend to Remember: Do Something Different

A Weekend to RememberIt’s the weekend and you’re just raring to do something fun and different. It doesn’t have to be spectacularly different — not everyone gets excited at the thought of skydiving or bungee jumping — it should just be outside of routine.

Here are a few suggestions.

Go camping

Enjoying the outdoors is part of being Australian. But sometimes you get too busy at work you run out of time to do much else. Well, give yourself a break this time. Hit the trail with a backpack and a compass. Get ‘lost’ in the woods. If you’re not the tent-sleeping type, you can bring your car or truck, get the right trailer accessories from A1 Trailer Parts, and hitch a camper on there. Enjoy a cup of tea while watching the sunset surrounded by nature.

Learn to surf

Drive straight to the beach and learn to surf. Surfing is one of the most exciting water activities. Young or old, as long as you’re strong enough, you can enjoy this activity. And just like riding a bike, when you learn how to surf, you’ll never lose it. You might find yourself coming back every weekend.

Shoot a film

Many creative people produce short films using only a phone camera. If you want to take it a little farther, though, use a DSLR. It doesn’t have to be a De Palma or a Tarantino, but you can make a digital film with a little creativity. Just something to show friends or enjoy by yourself later. You might discover a love for the art.

Write a book

All you need is paper and pen or a laptop, and your imagination. Perhaps it’s something you can do while you’re in your trailer out by the beach or on the trail. The good thing about writing is you can do it practically anywhere you can get some privacy, so you might not even have to leave home. Writing is a relaxing activity; it sharpens your vocabulary and grammar too. Who knows, you might even find the writer in you and come up with a masterpiece.

A weekend to spend by yourself — the possibilities are endless. Don’t put such weekends to waste; do something different.