The Auto Dilemma: Choosing Between 2WD and 4WD

Four-Wheel Drive Cars In KalamazooYou’ve probably run across a simple information if you’re on the hunt for new vehicles for sale in Kalamazoo: some cars are a 4-wheel drive, while others are a 2-wheel drive.

So what’s the difference? Should you buy the former or the latter?

Read on to know more about 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive cars.

What’s with 2WDs?

For a two-wheel drive SUV, the engine only distributes power to only two out of the four wheels of the vehicle, and this can either be on front or rear. Experts from recommend choosing two-wheel drive if you’re in a mild climate with little to no chances of snow or rain. SUVs with this setup are also lighter because there is no extra hardware to drive all wheels. As a result, it earns a slightly better fuel consumption than four-wheel drive vehicles.

Is 4WD for you?

4WD means that the engine uses its power on all four wheels to make the vehicle move. This type is popular for drivers who need maximum traction and control in off-road conditions. Still, many people don’t realize the limitations of 4WD. While braking power carried to all four wheels increases traction, it does nothing to improve braking or cornering. As the added traction of 4WD can allow a vehicle to accelerate more quickly even in slippery conditions, you need to be cautious to avoid accidents.

With the growing fame of light trucks in the form of SUVs and pickups, auto manufacturers are starting to realize that these types of vehicles were now being used in a wider range of driving conditions than before. This realization resulted in a wide car selection that appeals to today’s drivers and a narrowing gap between four- and two-wheel drive features.

And as a bottom line, you should consider your needs before choosing whether to drive a 2WD or 4WD setup.