Here are Reasons Why New Cars are Way Cooler Now

New Car in KalamazooAre you looking to purchase a car? While used vehicles are definitely a better bargain, brand new ones will provide you with futuristic features that are just too incredible to ignore.

Here are some of the most amazing features brand new cars in the Kalamazoo market today that might sway you into buying a new model instead of an old one.

Wi-Fi Access

That’s right – brand new cars today have Wi-Fi on board, allowing you to maintain a constant connection with your social media friends. This wasn’t long in coming, considering the existence of the GPS, but newer models have pushed things further. To start with, many dashboards today come with a touch screen that lets you actually control your connection settings.

Full Range Camera

There’s also the presence of full range cameras that let you see the entire back view of the car. While rearview and side view mirrors are great, they still offer limited visual when backing. With these cameras, however, you can clearly see what’s behind you and therefore avoid accidents.

NASA-Approved Car Seats

If you drive long distances, you’ll be glad to know that some car seats today are specifically approved by NASA, making them more comfortable during long drives. Not only that, but some cars are equipped with cooling pads and heating pads, providing pain relief to your aching muscles even during a drive.

Gas Efficient

Gas efficiency is consistently improved by car manufacturers so that you can go farther for less. In fact, some brand new cars can operate on electricity. Suffice it to say, newer models are better in helping you save the environment.

Heated Window Wipers

Having a bad snow day? Some cars come with window wipers that are heated, allowing you to efficiently remove all those blocks of ice off your car. This should help reduce accidents caused by bad weather.

Of course, those are just some of the features a brand new car model can offer you. Check out what other perks are available through your Kalamazoo car dealership.