Prevent Car Theft with these Easy Suggestions

Car Theft in PapatoetoeOf course, you love your car. It is, for a car guy, one of the most sacred things in life. Even if you have insurance, you know that nothing can replace your beloved car if it is ever taken from you.

Insurance will pay you your car’s estimated market value at the time it was stolen. But it’s not just a matter of being able to replace it. The hassle, the feeling of not getting the right amount of money for it (because you paid more for it when you bought it) and even the trauma of getting carjacked are not a pleasant experience.

Here are ways to help prevent car theft and avoid the problems that follow.

Make It Unique

An expert from Breen Panelbeaters says a car that stands out is not as appealing to thieves as one that blends in with others. For example, take your car to a Manukau panel and paint shop and pick a unique colour that is nothing like the colours available for your car’s make and model. This is your chance to make your car the colour you’ve always wanted.

Drive a Stick

A stick shift is a fun drive that requires skill. Most people prefer the ease of an automatic transmission, however, including many thieves. A thief is more likely to move on to a car with an automatic transmission if they see that your car has a manual.

Install a Customised Kill Switch

A combination of switches that you have to flick in a particular order to start your engine is not easy to beat. But mind where you put the switches. One switch might be OK, but if it’s on your dash it’s pointless. Hide the switches where you can reach them easily but make it harder for thieves to locate them.

Lock Your Brake or Accelerator Pedal

Instead of using a Club for your steering wheel, use a pedal jack. It may not be extremely difficult to defeat, but it wouldn’t be as easy as sawing through the steering wheel to defeat a lock there.

Keep your car doors locked, whether you’re driving or leaving it in the parking lot. A little common sense and some vigilance can keep you away from the trouble of car theft.