Six Facts That Mean You’re a Car Guy

Car GuyThere are car guys and there are the rest of the guys. At least that’s how car guys look at the world. But unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that it’s nice to be into cars these days, when you have so many vehicles to choose from, from the classics to the most advanced tech-driven machines. You’re probably wondering how you’d know if you’re a car guy.

Here’s a way to find out:

  1. You have a better-equipped garage than your mechanic.

You have boxes of new stuff coming in, spare parts and mods for your wheels. All the tools are hanging on your wall, with outlines so you know exactly what’s missing and where to return it, and when you do it’s shiny as new. You even own a Challenger two post lift for washing the underside of your car and working on fixes and adjustments to the chassis, shocks, differential, drivetrain, etc.

  1. You know what a real engine sounds like.

The sound of the car that passes you on the highway is familiar, and it’s sweet music to your ears. You know it’s a V8 and appreciates the driver for their choice, so you don’t even mind that your straight-six just got outgunned.

  1. You will never drive a hybrid.

You know exactly if the person you’re talking to is the kind of person who proudly owns a Prius and understands immediately that, while you respect their choice, you will never hang out with them. You would rather hitchhike than be caught with your hands in the wheel of a hybrid.

  1. Your car is never good enough.

You love your car, no doubt about it. But there is always something to tinker with, to adjust, to remove, to add — so that whatever cars you own, they are always works in progress.

  1. You never visit the carwash.

That’s because you don’t trust anyone else to touch your car and when it comes to washing it, you alone know best.

  1. You don’t need a destination.

For you, driving is its own reason. You don’t need a destination; you just know you want to drive your car.

Being a car guy is like being part of a religion. It feels great, and you know you will never turn your back on it. You don’t even care that half your family or friends don’t get why you only post car guy memes. You just care that none of them ever get their automatic-transmission-trained hands on your stick shift.