The Tiny House: Live in a Home with Only What You Need

Small HouseThere is a growing trend in homebuilding and ownership: tiny houses. These are usually houses with 300 square feet of floor space. The space is maximised to include a bath, a bed, a pantry and a living room that might double for other purposes like dining and sleeping.

You may be familiar with granny flats; tiny houses have a similar format. It’s a living space that has everything a homeowner needs with none of the frills or wasted spaces.

Why live in a tiny house

There are different reasons for building a tiny house. Most of those who build them are tired of paying rent but don’t have the money or the intention to buy a regular-sized house. There are also those elderly people who have no kids living with them and only want to downsize from either a bigger apartment or a house that’s become too demanding in maintenance.

You can also think about a tiny house for other purposes like using it for your home office (build one in the backyard). You can also build one or several and rent them out. It’s also a good option if you want to help an adult child become more responsible without leaving your property.

How to build a tiny house on the cheap

A tiny house is already a lot less expensive to build than a full-sized house, even one with only two bedrooms. The idea, however, is to save money, so there’s no point in overspending. A good idea is to build it yourself, with perhaps a little help from a friend or relative. Look for an inexpensive concrete skip hire to pour the concrete into narrow formwork and where access may be difficult. Your tiny home might present such challenges.

Browse the web for free stuff like wood planks and such. Some people post on Craig’s List to give away things they don’t need and that are just taking up space on their property. The more items that you need that you find online for free, the more savings.

Here’s an idea, though: you need a vehicle, like a pickup truck. Perhaps you can invest in one. Every time you find something that you can have for free or for a cheap price, you can just drive on over to the owner. If you have to call a friend to borrow a truck, that freebie could be gone before you’re ready.

Think about building a tiny house. It’s smart, inexpensive, easy and quick to build, environment-friendly and also very affordable to maintain.