Arizona Promotes Off-Road Safety with Free Training Courses

Off-road vehicle on rough terrainA joint initiative in Arizona sought to raise awareness on off-road vehicle safety by offering free training courses as part of the ATV Safety Week between June 2 and June 11.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department (AZGFD) partnered with the ATV Safety Institute for the safety initiative for off-highway vehicles (OHV). Kim Jackson, AZGFD OHV Safety Education Program manager, said that the courses are applicable for riders of all ages. Even if you are already skilled and have many years of experience for riding ATVs, a training session helps in updating you with regulatory changes and safety laws, especially with Argo’s amphibious utility vehicles, according to industry experts Shank’s Argo.

Safety First

Many injuries caused by riding an AVT are often attributed to human error, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. As much as 92% of all ATV-related incidents are preventable if riders observe best practices on safety.

During the training course, participants learned about the proper way of operating OHVs and use appropriate gear when driving one. Some of the protective gear that riders should use include a DOT-approved helmet, safety goggles, customized long sleeves and pants for OHVs and over-the-ankle boots.

Memorial Day Weekend

ATVs have become a popular choice during holidays, and during the Memorial Day weekend, riders should be keen on following certain laws, mainly riding on highways. There’s a reason why these vehicles are called off-road, and aside from risking a collision with a commuter vehicle, you may be breaking the law by riding on paved roads.

Those under 16 should not be left alone when riding an ATV. It’s likely better to let them ride a vehicle designed for two people instead of just one.


The use of ATVs is a fun way for children and adults to spend their recreational time. Like any other leisure activity, people should observe proper safety precautions and join training courses to avoid any untoward incidents to yourself and your friends or family.