Buying a Car? Go for a Military Car Sales Program

Steering Wheel of a CarPurchasing a car in the United States has its fair share of trouble, but that should not worry you. Bavarian Motor Cars explains that you can buy a car overseas through the military car sales programs in Germany** and get a whole new car buying experience. Military car sales programs benefit diplomats, members of the military service, and civilian ID holders.

Regardless of the vehicle you want to buy, there are programs to get you on the road, and the best thing about purchasing a car overseas is the fixed price points, U.S. specifications, and the tax- free status.

Tax-free Purchase

There is no limit to when you should buy your car to enjoy these benefits. Buying your car enables you to explore the full capabilities of the car. Buying a car overseas also prevents you from paying tax, but you are likely to encounter sales tax when you return to the Continental United States.

Get the right information from your local office since the rates vary depending on the state.

Stress-Free Buying Process

Right from the first step of buying your car from a military car sales program, you will notice that there is no haggling. Military car salespersons are consultants by training, and they are there to help you make an informed decision about buying your car according to your budget and lifestyle.

Also, the manufacturers set the prices, and you need not negotiate with the sales persons. This way you can focus on getting the right car rather than getting a good deal.

All military sales cars have a US Home Shipment program, and the earlier you order your car, the better. You will receive your car at a designated US port of entry on either the east or west coasts within a period of four to eight weeks.

Buying a car through military car sales programs in Germany** gives you that chance you need to get a car according to your specifications.