Wisconsin Ranks 3rd Cheapest State for Auto Repairs

Auto mechanic repairing vehicleCar owners feel anxious each time the “check engine” signal flickers as it can mean different things, from thinking about the cost of a repair bill to finding a good mechanic to fix the problem.

In the U.S., the level of anxiety brought by auto repair costs differs on where you live, according to new research. In Wisconsin, for instance, Sussex auto body shop companies such as mertonauto.com charged some of the lowest rates for repairs in 2016.

Best and Worst States

Wisconsin landed as the third cheapest state nationwide for auto repairs in the previous year, only requiring car owners to pay $346.81 on average for an engine repair. The amount slightly trailed behind Michigan and Maine, where the average costs amounted to $343.40 and $343.60, respectively. Hawaii and Ohio completed the top five states, according to the research.

On the other hand, those living in Connecticut paid the most expensive amount on average for engine repairs in 2016, amounting to $411.45. In District of Columbia, drivers spent $410.98, while the average amount in Rhode Island cost $405.83. Georgia and Maryland followed with $396.37 and $392.99 of average costs, respectively.

Preventive Maintenance

Even if you live in these states, you should still pay attention when the check-engine signal appears on your dashboard. The oxygen sensor commonly solves this issue, yet some still choose to ignore it. This potentially leads to more expensive repairs if left unresolved for too long.

In some cases, you could pay as much as $1,200 for replacing an emission-controlling catalytic converter as a result of neglecting the problem.


Some car repairs are inevitable, especially if you often use your car for work or personal errands. However, regularly checking for engine problems and addressing them immediately saves money and time. Even if you live in a state with affordable rates, the cost can still be expensive if you decide to delay a visit to your local mechanic.