What You Should Check Before Buying a Used Car

Car driving on the roadWith the high price tag of new cars today, it is not surprising that many go looking at what used car dealers in Auckland have to offer. While investing in a pre-owned car is a sensible option for those who are on a budget, you also have to take note that some used cars could have hidden damages. Buyers, therefore, need to know how to gauge the condition and value of a vehicle before purchasing it.

Have a mechanic inspect the car

The cost of hiring a mechanic to examine the car is well worth the price. He or she will help you to not only determine the value of the car but also identify any hidden problems. Make sure to tell your mechanic to do the inspection in broad daylight to see any exterior defects. The car should be free of dents, scratches, dents and rust.

Check the interior too

Open the car door and smell the interior. A mouldy and musty smell could mean water leaks. Still, on interior checks, the car seats should be in good shape and not severely worn. Try also all the seat adjustments to ensure they are working properly.

Conduct a test drive

Take the car for a test drive, on both local roads and the highways. Doing so will help you know how the car performs in different environments.

On local roads, you gauge the condition of the brakes and a feel of how the car responds to sharp turns.

On the highway, you will know if the engine runs smoothly or not. When taking a test drive, your eyes and ears should be alert noticing any unusual engine or brake noises.

If after inspection you like the car, have it scrutinised by a repair shop before closing the deal. If the shop routinely does diagnostic work, the mechanic will be able to give you a comprehensive list of any problems that need repairs. A written report from the mechanic can help you negotiate with the seller for better prices.