Four Reasons Flat Tyres Happen

Guy changing tireA flat tyre is typical for car owners use their vehicles a lot. That is why it is quite common for car owners to spend hundreds of dollars on puncture repairs alone. Surely, there is no way to prevent flat tyres, but knowing about the causes can help.

1. Damage to the valve stem

The valve system is a small bump from your tyre that you can open by unscrewing the valve system when you inflate it. Any damages to the valve system can result in an air leakage, which can result in a flat tyre. Also, any dirt that gets trapped in the stem can also cause the tyres to lose the air inside it.

2. Excessive heat

Another reason people experience flat tyre is excessive heat during a hot and sunny day. The air inside the tyres tends to expand when exposed to high temperature. It is advisable to get the maximum tyre pressure when the weather is not that hot.

You may also want to monitor the tyre pressure from time to time, especially when the sun is at its peak.

3. Worn out tyres

Using old tyres can cause more problems than you might expect. It will also put everyone at risk. So, ensure that you check your tyres for any signs of damage and replace it right away.

4. Road dangers

Any uneven roads or potholes can also damage your car tyres. You may also want to be cautious when driving on construction sites as well. Avoiding these scenarios can help prevent any accidents which may cause further damage to your vehicle.

Tyres are prone to damage with constant use. You may want to speak with an expert to have your tyres regularly checked to ensure that everyone is safe while you are on the road.