Life Hacks: Giving Yourself Big-Time Rewards

Woman enjoying new carPeople reward themselves for any accomplishment — big or small — to make them feel satisfied and to motivate themselves further. Often, this involves buying new clothes or even just eating ice cream. While there’s nothing wrong with such simple rewards, you can always aim for bigger ones that will have a greater and longer impact on your life.

A dream car

Although a set of wheels is necessary, you can still consider it a reward for all your hard work by getting a model you’ve always wanted. You can, for example, buy a unique classic car like a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette or a 1968 Ford Mustang. The set of wheels you’ll buy has to be something that would make you feel good not only when you drive it to and from work, but also around for recreation.

A dream house

Another big-time reward you can give to yourself is a house of your own. You’ll find that owning a house can be more gratifying than renting because you know you’re shelling out hard-earned money for something that’s truly yours. For your dream home, you can buy or build a cool beach house, a sleek modern home, or an impressive Victorian abode with amenities like a library, an infinity pool, or a music room.

A dream vacation

Finally, going on a vacation is also a great — though not that long-lasting — reward for yourself. It lets you meet new people, see places, and experience things you won’t likely come across in your hometown. Of course, you should plan on going somewhere that truly interests you. A trip to Europe to see magnificent architecture, to Asia to experience diverse cultures, or to Africa to visit the wildlife sanctuaries are excellent ways to spend a grand vacation.

With the many challenging things you need to accomplish in life, you should know how to reward yourself big-time every now and then to satisfy and motivate yourself.