Latest Innovations in All-Terrain Tires

Auto Tires Service CenterThe most critical component of your vehicle is arguably its tires. These are the ones that connect with the terrain and will affect the function of other interior car components to varying degrees. All-terrain tires are the only tires that can withstand the challenge of driving your car or truck off well-paved roads and in various weather conditions.

The best all terrain tires have reinforced sidewalls, open tread design and can be used all-year round. They are typically used by trucks, campers, and 4WD cars, but any driver looking for the best tires can use them. Armstrong Tire claim that tire technologies are continually innovated and performance is always improving. Here are a few of the current innovations for all-terrain tires.

Dual Compound Treads

For drivers who take driving in different terrains seriously, dual compound treads should be the best thing that happened to all terrain tires. These treads offer drivers a responsive and controlled ride. Dual compound treads also minimize road noise allowing you to focus on your driving.

Three-Ply Polyester Carcass

Tires with three-ply polyester carcasses have stiffer treads compared to those without. The stiffened tread allows precision cornering and enhances an impressive response. It also offers extra protection from tire puncture and other forms of damage. This innovation guarantees you that your tires will withstand virtually any condition.

Self-Cleaning Treads

All-terrain tires with a self-cleaning tread have enhanced road traction. The innovation minimizes the accumulation of ice, snow or mud in your tire’s grooves, allowing you to drive in all conditions. These are a must-have feature for all off-road fanatics.

All-terrain tires may cost slightly more, however, with the above technologies, you can rest assured that the money you spend for your tires is worth it in terms of their performance and durability. The innovations will also enhance your tires’ aesthetic value, and you’ll be sure your vehicle will turn heads.