Maintaining Your Recreational Vehicle

White RV Parked OutdoorsEveryone needs a little fun in their life, and one way of doing so is getting a recreational vehicle (RV) and touring where you have never been before. An RV not only provides a comfortable place to rest, but it is also your means of transport.

An RV has many features that you can find in a home. For the trip in the RV to be enjoyable, all features need to be working correctly. It pays to take it to a reputable RV repair shop in Fort Worth like Quality RV Solutions every once in a while for some maintenance. Here are some things an RV repair shop will do to ensure your RV is working perfectly.

Repair the Toilet Seal

The role of the toilet seal is to keep water, under all circumstances, in the RV toilet. This ensures that the black water tank stays in the tank. Unfortunately, the seal may dry out leading to a hole that allows the water to leak out into the holding tank. The result is a bad odour emanating from your toilet. A professional repair person will fix the seal with oil to it to prevent it from drying out.

Clear the Holding Tank Sensor

A false result from an RV holding tank sensor is a very common problem. The sensors are often quite sensitive, and if you have been experiencing frequent false sensor results despite a proper discharge then the issue could be that deposits are adhering to the sensor. Your repair shop will ‘reset’ these sensors by dropping a coupling plate of ice into the toilet. In a few hours, the ice will dissolve and clear the sensors of any build-up.

RV Tank Treatment

Most RV owners clean the bowls and forget to treat the tank. Your RV repair expert will use tank medications for the RV’s tank treatment. The medicines’ role is to separate tissue and ensures a cleaner flush.

You also have a role to play when it comes to maintaining your RV’s toilet. You need to ensure that you use RV friendly toilet paper and clean the toilet bowl. A malfunctioning toilet can be the reason for the end to your trip. It pays to undertake preventive maintenance from a reputable RV repair shop.