Avoid These Costly Oversights that Wreak Havoc on Your Car

car accidentMost motorists are quite proud of their cars and the freedom that comes with owning one. Depending on an individual, a vehicle could be a status symbol, a work tool or anything in between — most veteran auto mechanics will agree.

The attitude a driver has towards their car often determines how well they take care of it. However, there are some common mistakes that happen across the ranks that saddle drivers with hefty repair bills.

Terrible Driving Habits

Following traffic rules will keep you safe from accidents, such as side sweeps, that happen at many intersections. Failing to use turn signals increases the chances of damaging your bumper or having it fall to the ground.

You need to indicate to other drivers when you intend to make a turn to avoid the chances of being rear-ended. Cutting off other drivers in your attempt to weave through traffic is a terrible habit. Not only does it infuriate other motorists but also leads you to tailgate — another cause of road accidents.

Neglecting the Car’s Fluids

Friction is the leading cause of wear and tear in any machinery with moving parts, and your car is no exception. In fact, cars rely heavily on lubricants and other liquids to run smoothly.

In the absence of these fluids, major systems are likely to fail and damage the car, saddling you with hefty repair bills. Hence, you need to top up your engine oil and change it at the appropriate times.

You also need to top up the coolants, brake and transmission fluids to safeguard these systems. Most importantly, you need to get the fluid that suits your car’s make and model. A quick look through your owner’s manual arms you with all the necessary information.

Vehicles are delicate but convenient machines that need careful handling to keep them a great shape. Therefore, you need to avoid making critical mistakes that put them at the risk of damage.