What to Expect When Driving in Manila

Manila, PhilippinesSome people love the privacy of driving around in a private car. If you are going to a foreign country and it’s not possible to take your vehicle with you, there’s always the option of seeking a car rental service. There are companies in Manila allow you to self-drive instead of paying for a driver for the duration of your trip. In choosing this option, you can travel on your own time and not be limited by other people’s schedules, says RentCarManila.com, a car rental service operating all over Manila.

But are you truly ready to drive around the Philippines’ capital city?

Are You Ready for the Traffic?

As a non-resident, this is probably the biggest challenge you need to overcome if you choose to self-drive when you visit the many beautiful sights within and around Manila. Traffic can be crazy at certain times of the day and on the major roads. Those who are not familiar with the peak hours and traffic-prone areas can spend a long time sitting in a still car. It’s the last thing you want to experience, especially if you have a limited time for sight-seeing. You can avoid this trouble, however, by doing your homework.

Research the best routes to your destinations ahead of time. Ask for advice on Philippine travel blogs and forums. Significant planning can save you from a great deal of stress.

Can you Survive Long Drives on Your Own?

When you self-drive, you cannot depend on anyone else to help you get to your destination. You have to keep an eye out for road signs, use Wayze, and find parking spaces all on your own. Furthermore, you may have to spend a significant number of hours on the road to get to the must-see destinations around Manila. These trips will undoubtedly be tiring, but long drives can also be soothing; and, if you’re with excellent company, the road trip can be an enjoyable experience by itself.

Like all things, there are pros and cons to self-driving in Manila. With enough preparation, the experience can be a positive and memorable one for you.