Porsche Car Washing Guide: What to Do and What Not to Do

Porsche headlampsNice, shiny cars don’t just attract the public’s eye, but also dirt and dust. Your beautiful Porsche is no exception. Luxury cars have one thing in common with mainstream cars; they also become dirty and dusty whether you drive them every day or use them only for special occasions.

As an owner, it pays to know how to efficiently clean and maintain your Porsche’s sleek appearance. It is as one of New York City’s specialist shops, Formula Motor Sports, says: A Porsche is a reflection of its owner’s achievements. Maintaining a Porsche in NYC is as easy as bringing it to a certified service shop, but what if you have to care for it in your own garage? Here are some useful tips for you.

No warm water, please.

Never use warm water when cleaning your Porsche as it can damage the paint. While warm water may not peel off the finish right away, consistent use can cause serious damage later on. Always use cold water to help preserve the paint. Many models under this brand are hand-painted, so having your car repainted could cost you a lot.

Use the appropriate cleaning materials.

Use a cleaning agent that is specially-formulated for cars. Never make the rookie mistake of using strong detergents meant for laundry, kitchen, or bathroom use. They contain strong chemicals that may either stain or bleach the paint. Also, make sure your microfiber cloth, sponge, or lamb mitt is clean and free of any dirt or debris as they may scratch the paint.

Wash off all soap residue and dry thoroughly.

After washing your car panel by panel, use clean water for rinsing. You may use a hose to give your Porsche a final shower and to remove the foam and bubbles. Don’t forget to rinse off the wheels and undercarriage, too. Then, use a clean cloth or towel to dry your car. Never leave it to air-dry as it could leave streaks and smudges. The surface must be completely dry before you apply polish or wax to achieve maximum shine and protection.

Remember these simple car washing tips so you can keep your Porsche looking great all the time.