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Automatic Docking: How It Can Simplify Your Logistics Operations

The installation of an automatic docking system helps speed up the delivery of merchandises tenfold, or even faster. This is one of the main reasons most logistics companies utilising this system are enjoying larger revenues compared when they were running their operations with a traditional forklift fleet. Here are the top reasons


There is More to Steel than Meets the Eye

Steel is one of the most popular materials in the construction industry. Many people prefer to work with it for its versatility and strength, allowing it to have various applications. You can find steel in civil infrastructure, such as buildings, bridges and railroads; and it also has residential and commercial applications. Even


Give Your Home a Revamp This New Year

2016 is finally here. The New Year is a great way to start over — whether that restart happens in the office or at home. Getting a new beginning will give way to a clean slate, so you might as well start with simple things such as giving your home a much-needed